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    Wednesday, May 25, 2005

    My Little Eye

    Today i watched My Little Eye which i haven't seen for ages - i think i've actually only seen it once before because the first time that i saw it, it really freaked me out. but no longer

    I really want to know why Emma doesn't get freaked out by the stone cat that Billy makes for her - she picks up on the bricks but not a stone cat - not that it was a message from them but still i'd freak out. And why didn't the people just dismantle all the camera when they found out that this was all bogus?

    Wednesday, May 04, 2005

    Somtimes I Seriously Doubt Your Commitment To Sparkle Motion

    The other day i watched Donnie Darko. I went to the DVD ready to put the disc in when something stopped me. I realised i was about to put in the directors cut of the film. I stopped myself thank god, because I am not a fan of the directors cut at all. So i threw the disc onto the desk (probably stratching it to death like most of my CD's and) and dug around my room for the original version of the film. I found it, thank god, after before i watch on of my favourite extras on the DVD.

    Can u tell what i mean yet?

    For people who don't know what i mean it is the commentary for the Cunning Visions videos. Oh i love it. "When i was little i realised i like b--- things" "Did you write whilst eating my chocolate sprinkled donut" "What? imagining the world as a giant chocolate sprinkled donut"

    so after laughing at that for numerous minutes. i watch the ORIGINAL and BEST Donnie Darko (said like there's a sequel?)

    Here are my favourite scenes

    the opening when Donnie is riding his bike when the song - Echo and the Bunnymen plays (in the directors cut INXS plays - the first mistake RK made)

    when they are arrive at school for the first time - when Drew Barrymore's character is watching Sparkle Motion in disgust.

    Ms Farmer's look in the hallway in the first scene at school

    The lifeline excerise

    The destructors scene in English class, and when Gretchen walks in and the lads are all like hey baby and so is Joni - haha

    Sparkle Motion's performance to NOTORIOUS and i love shouting out to Drew when she starts bopping to the music NOOOOOO

    The scene when Donnie tells the therapist what Grandma Death said - Every living creature dies alone and he tells the story about his pet dog.

    Comedy value of the fat guy in the orange suit watching Gretchen and Donnie in the woods.

    The smurf story

    The end scene when everyone wakes up and Gretchen waves to Donnie's Mum. Even though they have never met - or at least we think that they haven't

    We put the pieces of the puzzle together. We see the big picture. And ultimately, we keep our passion for the project. *RIP Debra Hill*

    Being an avid fan of horror movies, and especially the Halloween franchise, i was exicted to hear that Halloween 9 is in the pipeline.

    Granted the wrost of the franchise so far was Halloween: Ressurection (number 8), however i do feel that there is still life in this franchise yet. It was one bad film that has seemingly destroyed it's reputation. Hello, h20 was as good as the original. The worst thing that they did, is that they killed one of the major characters off in the opening scene of Ressurection. We wanted to see this character suffer, and now that they have gone, there seems to be no more history left in this franchise. Now al we will enjoy is Michael's random killing sprees, instead of his killings actualy meaning something. There's even no more Myers house after the tragic ending to Ressurection. So what else could be left in this franchise. I eagerly await the release of this film, even though it is still in the early stage of pre-production. And mostly i await the subtitle of the film. I came across this website that has some suggestions as to what to call the next film, however i have lost the link to website. So amuse yourselves by thinking of some titles. Mine's Hall9ween: Michael Goes To Hell.

    Below are pictures of the men that play Michael Myers in the films. It's wierd seeing them without the mask. A lot of the people that play Michael Myers are stunt doubles for a lot of famous movies such as 21 grams, Scooby Doo, The Mask, The Crow, The Lost World Jurrasic Park, Scream 2, Pearl Harbous, Armagedoen, to name but a few.

    George Wilbur - Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers,
    and Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

    Don Shanks - Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers

    Chris Durand - Halloween H20

    Brad Loree - Halloween: Ressurection

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